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Hello and welcome to Soul Print Healing, creating an environment of relaxation and serenity. Our passion is to build the fulfilment of mind, body and spirit, bringing awareness to soul purpose and allowing a safe space to be present.
It is no secret that our lives become congested with the comings and goings of everyday life, which can cause us to miss the now. Anxiety and depression are just a couple of examples of symptoms created by not being present. Still, when you look at our demands and responsibilities, it is no surprise that mental health issues are on the rise. 
It is not just the short-term happenings around us that can cause discomfort. Many of us experience early childhood trauma, which sets us up for coping in the modern world. Grief, isolation, abuse, addiction, and lack of love all contribute to our coping mechanisms. These coping mechanisms can lead to feelings of shame which can stop us from seeking help, therefore, heading in a downward spiral creating a cycle of negative emotions and feelings.
Even though I would advise anyone with mental health issues to seek medical advice from a professional health adviser like a doctor, many holistic therapies and techniques could complement the medical advice. It's not all about our mental health. Sometimes in life, we become diverted or want to explore the depths of our soul, an inner knowing that there's more to this life than the mediocre of the nine till five. There's a yearning for balance and self-development. It understands that you are more than just a physical being but one of spiritual life essence, a knowing that you have so much more to offer. It is becoming aware of the greater whole and consciousness on another level and exploring the vivacity of universal life force energy.
Here at Soul Print, we endeavour to offer a range of holistic health services and treatments, meditation classes, workshops, events and retreats. 
It is without saying that when one door closes, another is opening, but it is our own choice to walk through it. 

Please read our privacy and disclaimer before making any purchase. Thank you.

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