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I had a Tarot reading with Liz and it opened my eyes to the possibilities of my life and future and coping mechanisms I can use to help my mind. I would 100% recommend it to anyone who needs clarification and a friendly boost to feeling positive in any current situation. thank you so much liz, you made my evening.

An intuitive and spot-on reading that supported me in making life decisions. Thank you for taking the extra time with me. I felt safe, held and understood. It was very special.

I experienced the most restorative and relaxing session from this gentle, welcoming and obviously highly gifted Reiki Therapist.
An Inner calming and blissful healing energy was gratefully received by my mind, body and spirit within the hour I spent within her presence which still remains with me
So grateful to her and I
highly recommend a visit!

Layla Montague

Thank you for an amazing reading… @soulprint_healing @soulprinteventsandretreats @xsoulprintx Liz is also a reiki master & constellation therapist

Liz has given me two very insightful and accurate tarot readings. She has passed messages to me from my loved ones and has given me Reiki healing. I love Liz and her incredible loving healing energy. She is a light in my life that helps me deal with and understand my emotions.

Really great reading and very accurate on many things in my life that Liz knew nothing about. Very highly recommended, 5 stars!

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